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Patent Registration Procedure.

Step 1:

Collect all the invention related information as much as possible and write down in your own way Information about the invention such as

  • Field area of invention
  • Description of invention
  • The invention and its function.
  • Benefits of invention

Step 2:

Diagrams, sketches or figures which represents the process of inventions Visual illustration is always better and efficient when comparing with the detailed explanation of a process. People will get attract and understand very well when we represent anything in the form of diagrams.

Step 3:

It is necessary to check whether the invention is patentable or not. As per Indian Act some inventions are not patentable, that should be identified before starting our process.

Step 4: Patentability search

The very important thing is to find out whether our invention meets all the criteria of patentability as per the Indian Patent Act. They are listed below:

  • Quality of being new (Novelty)
  • It should not be perceived (Non-obviousness)
  • Commercial or Industrial application
  • Enabling

The patent professionals provide an extensive report after analysing and searching the patent based on the criteria.

Step 5: Deciding whether to go to patentability

The report of patentability and ideas helps to choose go ahead with the patent or not, possibilities are high that what you thought as novel might already been patented or understand to public in some kind of data. Therefore this reports saves efforts, lots of time and value of the inventor by serving to him choose whether to proceed with the patent filing method or not.

Step 6: Drafting:

When you are in the initial period of development and research for their creation, then the provisional specification helps you out by the following benefits.

  • Filing date secures
  • 12 months of time is there for complete specification.
  • Cost- effective

After registering the provisional application, you can make the registering date that is extremely crucial in patent world. You get twelve months of your time to return up with the entire specification, up on expiry of Twelve months your application would be abandoned.

When you complete the specified documents and your analysis work is at level where you can have a prototype and experimental results to prove your creative step and you could be able to file complete specification with the application.

Filing the provisional specification is the non-mandatory step, if you are at the stage where you have got complete data about your creation then you can directly go for your all specification.

Step 7: Publication

Filing the complete specification together with the application for patent. The application is published after eighteen months of 1st filing.

An early publication request are often created together with prescribed fees, if you do not like to wait until the termination of eighteen months from the date of filing for publishing your application.

Step 8: Request for Examination

The application is examined solely after receiving request for examination that is RFE. On receiving this request the controller offers your application to a patent examiner who examines the application with totally different patentability criteria like:

  • Novelty
  • Patentable subject matter
  • Inventive step
  • Industrial application
  • Non-obviousness
  • Enabling

The examiner after reviewing creates an examination report. Patent Prosecution is the thing which happens before the grant of patent application.

The examiner is submitted the initial examination report to the controller, it includes prior arts (existing documents before the date of filing) that are almost like the claimed invention, and same is reportable to patent applicant.

Step 9: Responding to Objections

The patent applicants can get some kind of objections based on examination report. The simplest factor to do is analyse the examination report with patent agent who is very much skilled and developing an outcome that objections raised in the examination report.

The opportunity for an inventor to deliver his creativity over prior arts developed in the examination report. The patent agent and the inventor create and send a response to the examination that proves to the influence controller, which his invention is actually patentable and satisfies all his patentability criteria’s.

Step 10:Clearing all Objections

The interaction between controller and patent individual is to make sure that all objections raised in the application are resolved and therefore the inventor has his chance to prove his purpose and establish novelty and creative step over existing prior arts.

Step 11: Grant of patent:

The patent application is for allowing only once and it is found to be meeting all the needs of patentability. The grant of patents will be notified in the patent journal. It is published time to time.

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