Importance of patent protection – Patent Registration in Coimbatore

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Importance of patent protection in India

A patent is a special right granted by the government to a person who invents any new and useful device, software, products or processes. The provisions of the Patent Act, 1 of 1970 are protected by inventions made by individuals. Here we are going to see Importance of patent protection – Patent Registration in Coimbatore to make you understand in a very clear manner.


The following persons may apply for patent registration in Coimbatore:

  • The inventor who personally invented a device or process is the inventor’s assistant, the deceased inventor, or a legal representative of his assistant.
  • According to the Patent Act, a person is defined as a government.

The patent office application has its own jurisdiction over the patent office fee. The territorial jurisdiction to file patent applications before patent office fees is as follows:

Where the applicant resides, or keeping domicile or doing business. Address for services rendered by the applicant in India, if there is any foreign applicant

Importance of patent protection in India

Patent registration in Coimbatore is important because they can help secure your invention. It can secure any product, design or process that meets certain specifications according to its originality, practicality, suitability and usefulness. In most cases, the patent can protect the invention for up to 20 years. This period will begin as soon as you file your patent registration. After you publish a description of your search, publicize the product, sell it, or make your item available for commercial use, the application process needs to be completed.

Patents provide licensing opportunities with companies inside and sometimes even outside the company’s territory. An active patent program can generate revenue from patent licensing that covers technical or business processes that are not practiced by the company. Patent registration in Chennai give individual inventors and small businesses the option to obtain a license or sell the rights to others to market ideas that may be in a better technical and / or financial position. Rambus, Qualcomm and other tech companies that no longer manufacture products, but focus on technological innovation and licensing. Some companies license the intellectual property on the technology used by the company for competitors which forcing the company to constantly innovate. Other companies regularly offer patented technology that they never professionally study, but instead sell to others.

The Patent registration in Bangalore increase provides an overall corporate value. Corporate valuation of the intellectual property of a company, for example, relies heavily on patents. Today, the capital assets of Fortune 500 companies account for only 15% of the company’s value, while intellectual property accounts for 85% of the company’s value. Fourth, the patent provides for of prior art to protect the company from patent infringement suits. The active patent program provides a reservoir of pre-art that prevents others from obtaining patents that could exclude the company from important technology and processes.

Patent registration in Hyderabad can give individuals and companies more value and additional returns on investments made in the development of new technologies. Patenting should be done with an intelligent strategy that aligns commercial interests for the implementation of the technology, how, where and when the patent is sought.

The forms that are needed for filing the patent application in India

Generally, in order to file an application for Patent registration in Erode, the applicant is required to file Form 1 which is a request to file the application and the form which is either temporary or full specification with drawings, if any. In addition, an abstract of discovery is also required. If the application is filed by a registered patent agent, the power of authority in favor of the agent mentioned in Form 26 is also required. However, depending on the different circumstances, flowing forms may also be necessary. The application is examined only after receipt of the request for examination on Form 18/18A.

Patent renewal

Patent renewal is required to increase the validity and uniqueness of its grant. The patent must understand the procedures for regular renewal of the patent in order to maintain its exclusivity for such inventions. The Indian Patent Act explains the procedures for renewing or restoring the validity of your patent registration.

Extension of patent renewal

The Patent Act allows for an extension of up to six months, if the patent registration is willing to pay a penalty fee for renewal. If the renewal fee is not paid within the extension period, the patent will no longer be valid, and it may pass into the general public domain to use any inventions.

Restoration of the patent that is expired

An important fact is that if Patent registration in Kochi is granted within two years from the date of filing the application, the outstanding fee payment will be paid within three months from the date of actual grant of the patent specified in the patent register. In case of termination due to non-renewal, the patent can be reinstated by filing Form 15 within 18 months from the date of its termination. The patent should provide all the evidence that proves the reason for non-payment of renewal, the decision of reinstatement installation is entirely based on the decision of the controller.

The importance of paying a regular fee for patent renewal must be borne in mind by the patent, as patent restoration measures are expensive. Maintaining a timeline for patent renewal is essential for the lifetime of a patent in India.

Latest news

This patented application for remote diagnosis of COVID-19 in patients has not yet been granted. In EspaceNet, such priority applications are listed under ‘Priority’. Still, the publication lists 5 priorities. This is because the applications for priority are very complex.

Extended patent families

Priority programs are also used in other situations. In some countries, for example, it is possible to submit an application with a change depending on the current application. Or you can combine the rest of the technology with the addition of new technology. In these cases, the preference applies only to the part of the previous application that has not changed. The United States is one of the countries where this is possible.

The COVID-19 patent application is in many U.S. Is the result of the application? All of these are partly connected by many, many priority programs. These apps also include new and altered parts. The findings of these publications are similar but not exactly the same. It is called the extended patent family (‘BradeOctroifamily’ in Dutch, in the image below). ‘Priority’ shows all priority applications in the extended patent registration family. The entire family can be found under the ‘Patent Family’ / ‘INPADOC Family’ tab.

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