Importance of Patent Registration in Coimbatore

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Patent registration

After the process of patent registration, one receives intellectual property right to an invention accomplished via an man or woman or a firm. In case it’s miles unique, the government will furnish you the full proper on your product. It offers you the full proper of making, using, promoting or uploading the product or process and prohibits others from doing so. The patents in India are governed by way of the Patent Act 1970 and Patent Rules 1972.


The life of a patent is 20 years. This period is constrained is most cases, but it could handiest be prolonged by way of the act of congress and in uncommon cases it could be extended for a few years.

 Importance of Patents?

An invention takes good sized effort and investment to materialize hence, it’s far pertinent to commercialize it and advantage income from the Invention. Patent Registration enables the inventor in earning profits from the invention.

How Does Patent Registration help?

But now the question arises: With the disclosed information, can’t every person certainly reproduction and reproduce the discovery and sell it themselves? This is where the patent gadget is available in and provides blessings to the inventor. Once the patent has been filed and patent registration has been done, the inventor completely has a monopoly for 20 years over:






• Exporting their invention

Advantages of Patents:

Patent registration helps in limiting the opposition in terms of commercializing the specific invention within the market. Patent Registration bars anybody else from encroaching on the inventor’s sole monopoly. This proper similarly locations the inventor in a superior position in the negotiation desk for royalty whilst he comes to a decision to license his product. Generally, licensing way that a person else might manufacture and sell the invention inside the market and would proportion a portion of royalty with the inventor.

Advantages of Patent for Startups and Small Businesses:


A patent is invaluable to startups and small commercial enterprise entities as they work as bargaining chips for attracting traders and sponsors. Furthermore, granted patents in India improve the recognition and credibility of the inventor or his start-up or a organization in the market. Many inventors are not large fanatics of the patent system because of the criminal intricacies, but the benefits gathered at the end a ways outweigh the preliminary hassles. Most startups and inventors lease registered patent dealers or registered patent attorneys who are well-acquainted with the method and can help in patent registration and commercialization of the invention.

Getting PATENT REGISTRATION for your concept is well worth it!!!

If you have got an invention or an idea that you need tied to your name legally so no person can use or claim its possession, well you obtain to do it the prison manner and have it patented. So even if it’s a concept, do now not hesitate and get straight away go for a patent registration for it.

Ideas are a dime a dozen and some extraordinary thoughts are now not only concept of by way of one individual. Sometimes there are or 3 humans who concept of the equal idea. The simplest one who can declare its possession is the only who had it patented. Going through this much hassle makes certain that the product or the idea is protected. It makes positive that nobody copies it without your permission.

A patent is criminal and it binds your thoughts and your innovations to your name. So if ever someone copies your concept without your permission, you can sue that character and you can use the patent as evidence of ownership.

Different Types of Patent Applications

1. Ordinary or Non-provisional application

An application for patent filed within the Patent Office without claiming any precedence of application made in a convention country or without any reference to another utility under process within the workplace is referred to as an everyday application. An everyday application must be observed with a complete specification and claims.

2. Convention Application

An application for patent filed within the Patent Office, claiming a priority date based at the identical or notably similar utility filed in a single or more of the convention countries, is called a conference application. In order to get convention status, an applicant need to report the application inside the Indian Patent Office inside twelve months from the date of first filing of a comparable utility inside the conventional country.

3. Provisional Application

• A provisional utility is a brief application that’s filed while the discovery isn’t always finalized and is still below experimentation.

Advantages of filing a provisional application

• Applicant gets three hundred and sixty five days’ time to completely increase the discovery and verify its market potential

• Helps to establish “precedence” right over the invention

• Enables the applicant to apply the term “patent pending” on their product

• Less pricey to prepare and document the application

• Enables the applicant to report International programs and declare priority within one year.

• However, so as for the patent to be granted, a provisional application ought to be observed with the aid of a complete

• Specification within twelve months. Moreover, the provisional patent application should be sufficiently designated and should be drafted very cautiously to make certain that the concern rights are secured to your invention.

4. Patent of Addition

Suppose you have already filed for a patent and you have come across a mild improvement inside the invention. You won’t be able to document a brand new patent utility, because it would now not satisfy the requirement for ingenious step. That is whilst a patent of addition may be filed. A patent of addition protects the improvement. There is not any separate renewal charge for a patent of addition and it expires while the primary patent expires.

5. Divisional Application

When there may be a couple of invention in a patent application the applicant may be required to (or of his very own accord) divide the utility based totally at the range of innovations the application contains. A divisional application may be filed any time earlier than the grant of a patent. The precedence date of the divided programs is similar to determine patent application.

6. National Phase PCT Application

In the national phase, the applicant is required to report the national section patent registration in India inside 31 months of the international submitting date or priority date whichever is earlier. 

Top five Reasons Why You Need To Register Your Patent


1. Exclusive Rights

As referred to earlier, patents provide distinctive rights which permit the inventor to exclude others from using the discovery. Particularly, for twenty years from the date of filing the patent application.

2. Strong Market Position

Since the inventor has obtained the unique proper to the discovery, the inventor can exercise this right via preventing others from commercially using the patented invention thereby lowering the competition and accordingly establishing a place in the commercial marketplace.

3. Higher Returns on Investments

Having invested a large amount of time and money in growing the invention, below the umbrella of unique rights, the inventor ought to carry inside the invention to the industrial market and consequently obtain better returns at the investment. Of course, this relies upon on the financial application of the patent. For this reason, the inventor needs to make certain the industrial viability of the patent before investing on patent.

4. Opportunity to License or Sell the Invention

Sometimes, the inventor might now not need to make the most the invention himself. In such cases, the inventor can promote or license the rights to commercialize it to another enterprise. This would result to bring royalty and sales to the inventor.

5. Positive Image for the Enterprise

Business partners, buyers and shareholders may perceive the patent portfolios as a demonstration. Particularly, the excessive stage of expertise that is furnished by using the problem remembers experts. This acts as a spectacle of the organization’s capability. Further, this could prove useful for raising funds, finding business companions and also boom the company’s marketplace value.

Choosing the Right Patent Attorney

If you have perfected your invention then there’s a need to defend it. If you will not do that then every person can take the benefits of your difficult working. You will need one of the first-class methods to defend your invention. You can do that effectively by running with an Patent Service Provider. The attorney will be beneficial to you because the work of registering patents is challenging and time consuming and having chances of mistakes. Sometimes the result of registering patent can be a failure so you have to need to make the process clean and successful.

The patent lawyer from the firm should be to walk with you in training of criminal papers and documents. The attorneys will manual you to file your invention to the patent registration office. As the essential step it should be performed correctly. There is a massive distinction among an invention and describing an invention. A patent registration is a complex description of invention. However, cash can be a barrier to the inventor. Mind it, the price of submitting a patent application through a legal professional/ patent service issuer is negligible in contrast to the money required for manufacturing and advertising and marketing the discovery.

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