Importance of Patent Registration in India

What is patent?

Patent is a type of intellectual property rights and which is given to an unique idea. If the individual can have the idea of inventive concept, he can able to legally protect his concept and claiming the ownership of his business. The idea of invention must be new and novel and it does not existing already. Patent registration provides a legal production of your idea and it binding your name with the invention and idea in Patent Registry.

Patent Registration

Generally ideas are not come for the individual. Everyone has an idea with different inventive steps. Millions of people have the same idea at the same time. The Patent owner is nothing but who get the legal protection of their idea among them. Patent binds your name with your invention and ideas in the Patent Registry. Every registered patent has 20 years of validity from its date of application filing. If you fail to renew your patent within the expiry date, it will be available to everyone. The patent protection also expires without the renewal process.

Types of patent

  1. Ordinary or non-provisional application: A patent application filed by the applicant without claiming any priority in the Indian patent Office. It takes the normal timing for patent registration and the complete specification and claims are compulsorily added to this patent application. These complete specification and claims are the major part of the every patent application. This patent application filed in convention country.
  2. Convention Application: Convention application also does not claim any priority but it is filed specific convention country. The patent application is substantially filed at the single registration process with more convention countries. In this registration, the applicant has to show the convention status to the Indian Patent Office within 12 months from the date of filing of similar application in conventional countries.
  3. Provisional Application: Provisional application is mainly filed to get the priority rights of the invention. It just a temporary application. This application is filed by the applicant when the invention is not finalized and which is under experiment. In this method of application, the patent owner has 12 months period to implement their invention and evaluate the market status. Provisional application helps the patentee to sustain the priority of the patent. It provides the right to the patentee to use the “patent pending” recognition on their product. It is cost effective method for both filing and registration. It also provides the flexibility to the applicant to file an international application and sustain the same priority. In according to the patent granted, a provisional application must be filed with the complete specification and it is very important to cover the things mentioned in the provisional application without losing any points and substantially describe the factors mentioned in the provisional application.
  4. Patent of addition: If you want to add some inventive concept in your patent application, you have to attach the addition application with the same patent application. From this, we have to prevent the invention concept or improvement of our invention. The slight improvement of your patent application can be allowed for patent of addition. The patent of addition will be expired when the main patent exists. The renewal fee is same for the main patent renewal. No other extra fees are registered for this kind of patent of addition.
  5. Divisional Application: The divisional application is needed, when there is more than one invention is invented by the patentee. He can able to attach the invention in the same application within the period of grant of patent of the parent patent application. The priority of the additional patent is similar to the parent patent application. Every person who filed for parent patent application can able to file a divisional patent application.
  6. National Phase PCT Application: The application is filed by the application in the specification of national phase application in India and the other conventional countries within 31 months from the filing date of national phase application.

Why should patent registration?

patent registration

Exclusive Rights: Patent registration provides you exclusive rights on your invention which improves your ownership qualities for 20 years validity from the date of application filing.

Increasing commercial value: Patent registration increases your commercial value by the uniqueness and the exclusive rights. The patent owner can only own the invention for 20 years without sharing any information and cost value to the others. So, patent registration also increases the commercial market of your invention.  From this, you can achieve strong market position easily.

Rights to sell the invention or getting more opportunity for trading:  Patent registration provides you a unique right from the others. So, you can sell and trade your invention to the others. No one can stop you to sell and trade. By using patent registration recognition, you can get more opportunity to trading and get more traders.

Positive image in the market: Everyone need a trustworthy organization and wants to do business with legally reputed organization. Patent registration provides legal reputation to your business or organization which related to your invention. The business partners, shareholders and traders can perceive the patent portfolios. The rising organization’s capacity must increases the fund, business partners and market value of the company which holding the patent.

Get high volume of investment: At the starting stage, the inventor does not have the certain amount of money to do the further improvement. So, he can get more investment options through registering his invention. Once, he got patent registration, he can advertise or release his invention and ensure the commercial viability of the invention to the business people and get the interested business partners and their investment easily. By this you can get more commercial market and it will obtain you a higher volume of investment.

Why should choose a perfect patent attorney?

patent registration

Patent is a very confidential matter and the patentee cannot reveal his patent before the patent granted. The patentee cannot directly file the patent application. Everyone needs a Patent Attorney to do their patent application filing. A Patent attorney or a Patent agent is a registered person of Indian Patent Registry who clear the examination conducted by the Indian Patent Office. Patent Registration has territorial limits. So, select the patent attorney as per your patent office territorial limits. The patent agent will help from the patent availability check to patent registration. The details of patent also keep as a secret. Sometimes the patent registration fails, but it is rare thing. The patent attorney will lead your registration easy and successful. The attorney plays a vital role in your patent registration and acts as an inter-mediator to the patentee and patent office. The instructions and notifications about the patent are passed by the patent office to the patent attorney. The patent office does not directly communicate with the applicant. The instructions and notifications are passed to the respective patent agent and the agent shares the information to the applicant accordingly. Solubilis Corporate Services are the registered patent attorney and has a registered patent agent of Indian patent office to register your ideas and inventive concept at very low cost.

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