International Arrangements of Patent Registration in India

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Convention nations

Any country, that’s a signatory or party or a group of countries, union of nations or intergovernmental organisations which are signatories or parties to an international, local or bi-lateral treaty, conference or arrangement to which India is likewise a signatory or party and which affords to the candidates for patents in India or to residents of India comparable privileges as are granted to their personal citizens or citizens to their member countries in appreciate of the supply of patents and safety of patent rights shall be convention countries for the functions of this Act.


Notification as to nations no longer offering for reciprocity

Where any country specified via the Central Government on this behalf through notification within the Official Gazette does no longer accord to residents of India the equal rights in recognize of the supply of patents and the protection of patent rights as it accords to its very own nationals, no national of such us of a will be entitled, either totally or together with every other person,-

(a) To follow for the supply of a patent or be registered as the owner of a patent registration;

(b) To be registered as the proprietor of a patent, or

(c) To practice for a license or hold any license beneath a patent granted beneath this Act.

Convention applications

1) Without prejudice to the provisions contained in section 6, where a person has made an application for a patent registration in appreciate of an invention in a convention country (hereinafter referred to as the “fundamental application”), and that individual or the legal representative or assignee of that character makes an application under this Act for a patent registration within 12 months after the date on which the primary application turned into made, the concern date of a claim of the whole specification, being a claim based on remember disclosed within the simple application, is the date of making of the fundamental utility.

Explanation.-Where packages were made for similar protection in respect of an invention in or greater conference international locations, the period of 365 days mentioned on this sub-section shall be reckoned from the date on which the earlier or earliest of the said applications changed into made.

2) Where packages for safety had been made in one or greater convention nations in appreciate of or greater inventions which are cognate or of which one is a amendment of another, a unmarried conference utility may, subject to the provisions contained in segment 10, be made in respect of those innovations time within three hundred and sixty five days from the date of the earliest of the stated programs for protection: Provided that the price payable at the making of this type of application shall be similar to if separate packages have been made in admire of every of the stated innovations, and the requirements of clause (b) of sub-segment (1) of section 136 shall, in the case of such a utility, apply one at a time to the applications for protection in recognize of every of the said inventions.

3) In case of an software filed beneath the Patent Cooperation Treaty designating India and claiming priority from a previously filed patent application in India, the provisions of sub-sections (1) and (2) shall apply as if the previously filed application have been the basic application: Provided that a request for exam under phase 11B shall be made simplest for one of the patent applications filed in India.

Special provisions referring to conference application

1) Every conference utility shall-

a) Be followed with the aid of a whole specification; and

b) Specify the date on which and the conference countries in which the application for protection, or as the case can be, the first of such programs changed into made; and

c) State that no utility for protection in appreciate of the invention have been made in a conference country earlier than that date with the aid of the applicant or by using any character from whom he derives title.

2) Subject to the provisions contained in section 10, a complete specification filed with a convention application may encompass claims in admire of tendencies of, or additions to, the discovery in respect of which the utility for safety changed into made in a convention country, being tendencies or additions in respect of which the applicant would be entitled under the provisions of phase 6 to make a separate utility for a patent.

3) A convention patent application shall not be post-dated underneath sub-section (1) of section 17 to a date later than the date on which underneath the provisions of this Act the application for patent registration could have been made.

Multiple priorities of International Arrangements

1) Where or extra applications for patents in respect of inventions have been made in a single or extra convention countries and those innovations are so associated as to constitute one invention, one application may be made through any or all of the persons referred to in sub-section (1) of section a hundred thirty five inside 12 months from the date on which the earlier or earliest of those packages turned into made, in respect of the innovations disclosed in the specification which followed the primary applications.

2) The precedence date of a declare of the whole specification, being a declare based totally on subjects disclosed in a single or more of the basic packages, is the date on which that matter was first so disclosed.

3) For the functions of this Act, a matter shall be deemed to were disclosed in a primary utility for protection in a conference countries. if it turned into claimed or disclosed (in any other case than by way of disclaimer or acknowledgement of a prior art) in that application, or any documents submitted with the aid of the applicant for protection in support of and at the equal time as that application but no account will be taken of any disclosure effected by using any such document unless a replica of the documents is filed on the patent office with the convention application for patent registration or inside such duration as can be prescribed after the submitting of that application for patent registration.

Supplementary provisions as to convention applications


1) Where a convention application for patent registration is made according with the provisions of this Chapter, the applicant shall furnish, when required by using the Controller, further to the complete specification, copies of the specifications or corresponding documents filed or deposited by using the applicant inside the patent workplace of the conference countries as noted in section 133 verified to the pleasure of the Controller, within the prescribed length from the date of conversation by using the Controller.

2) If this sort of specification or other document is in a foreign language, a translation into English of the specification or report, established with the aid of affidavit or otherwise to the satisfaction of the Controller, will be supplied when required by way of the Controller

3)For the functions of this Act, the date on which an utility turned into made in a convention countries is such date as the Controller is satisfied, by certificates of the professional chief or head of the patent workplace of the convention us of a or in any other case, is the date on which the software was made in that convention united states.

4) An international application filed below the Patent Co-operation Treaty designating India shall have impact of submitting an application for patent registration under section 7, section 54 and phase 135, because the case may be, and the title, description, declare and abstract and drawings, if any, filed inside the worldwide application shall be taken as complete specification for the purposes of this Act.

5) The filing date of utility for patent and its whole specification processed by way of the patent workplace as designated workplace shall be the worldwide filing date accorded under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

6) Amendment, if any, proposed by means of the applicant for an international application designating India or designating and electing India earlier than international searching authority or preliminary examination authority shall, if the applicant so desires, be taken as an amendment made earlier than the patent office.

Other provisions of Act to use to convention applications

Save as in any other case furnished on this Chapter, all the provisions of this Act shall apply with regards to a conference utility and a patent registration granted in pursuance thereof as they apply with regards to an ordinary application and a patent granted in pursuance thereof.

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