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Everything you need to recognize approximately Filing Patents in India

As an inventor you must be aware of the due process of patent filing. Find out all of the steps you need to take.


Intellectual property right is an intangible asset – one that could bestow the sector with an invention that could make life easy and also make a contribution to the inventor or his company’s economic growth. An Intellectual property brings with it an entire lot of benefits. It can turn an concept into a income making asset, enhance the market cost of a business and even assist improve finances. Various innovations such as solar strength trees, sun water purifiers, cane-based totally prosthetic limbs and self-repairing roads have all been credited to Indian investors. These innovations have actually changed the arena.

If you have created or invented a system, product or service that may be defined as an original invention, it’s miles in your best interest get it patented. Patenting your invention prevents your competitors from benefiting from something created via you. If you need to file a patent, you can consult with this step-through-step guide overlaying the whole patent registration process in India.

Steps to observe to record a patent

Do now not expose your invention in public domain earlier than filing a patent application failing which the innovation loses its novelty.

Inventors can report a patent in two methods:

• The inventor can record the patent on his/her own

• The inventor can take the assist of a patent submitting expert or organization.

Since the patent filing manner is lengthy and complicated, maximum inventors favor to interact the offerings of patent filing professionals or agencies. Such people or firms rate a charge for on the grounds that they have got years if enjoy under their belt. They can complete the necessary patent submitting strategies for your behalf.

In case you choose to engage the services of a expert or enterprise, you should whole all of the formalities associated with patent filing, so that the business enterprise does no longer pass off your invention as theirs. To this effect, you want to draft a non-disclosure settlement and have your employer expert sign it. This formality desires to be finished before the inventor discloses his/her invention to the expert or employer.

There are two approaches to record for a patent registration – you could report it your self or are looking for the services of a patent-submitting professional or organisation. Since you need to adhere to numerous deadlines, it’s far recommended that you engage the offerings of a expert/agency with years of enjoy. Also, make certain you make the professional signal a non-disclosure settlement (NDA) earlier than you disclose your invention. Now let’s recognize the patent filing procedure.

Step 1 – Check if your desired invention is already patentable

Before you start the patent registration technique, you want to check in case your invention is patentable. This way that you want to test if another person has filed a patent registration for the same era for that you are submitting. Performing an in-intensity patentability search enables you recognize whether or now not you’ve got a hazard of getting a patent. While this step is optional, it is able to store time and help you apprehend whether or now not you have to record for a patent within the first place.

Step 2 – Draft the patent application

You can now begin the patent utility process. Indian applicants want to fill Indian Patent Application Form 1. For each patent you file, you want to mandatorily provide a Form 2 patent specification. You can choose among a provisional and complete patent utility, primarily based on the degree of invention. This approach that in case you are nevertheless checking out your invention, you need to use for a provisional patent utility. You get a duration of 12 months to complete the invention and report for an entire patent registration.


You need to pay special attention while you are drafting your patent application. Your patent application have to consist of clauses which includes usability and final results of the invention in detail. You should also consist of the important clauses including your aim to license your invention and preventing opposition from using and thereby, taking advantage of your invention. Ensure caution even as drafting your patent registration application, be meticulous and consist of clauses that prevent the opposition from the use of your era.

Step 3 – Filing the patent utility:

Your patent application desires to be submitted with numerous software bureaucracy. As per the patent filing technique in India, you want to submit all of the underneath mentioned paperwork. Links to all bureaucracy and an relevant price is http://www.ipindia.nic.In/form-and-fees.htm

• Form 1 – Application for patent grant

• Form 2 – Patent specification form (provisional or entire)

• Form 3 – Undertaking and statement almost about foreign applications beneath segment 8 (mandatory most effective in case a corresponding application for patent is filed in a foreign country)

• Form 5 – Declaration of invention to be filed with entire utility

• Form 26 – Form authorizing patent agent (applicable simplest if you opt for an agent to help record the patent)

• Form 28 – Mandatory most effective if applicant is claiming small entity or start-up status

• Priority Documents – You need to provide priority files handiest if precedence is being claimed from a foreign patent declare or application.

Step 4 – Publishing the patent utility

After you submit all the files, the patent utility is appropriately secured by means of the Indian Patent Office. The patent is then posted in an respectable patent magazine after a period of 18 months approximately. However, inventors who want to have their patent registration application posted before this 18 month duration can put up Form 9. This is an automatic technique however if an inventor needs to have his application posted earlier, he wishes to submit Form 9 (early booklet request), in which case, the utility will be posted within the legit patent journal within 1 month of making the request. However, there are sure scenarios wherein your patent utility may not be posted. These encompass incomplete applications, withdrawal requests made by way of the man or woman filing the patent and secrecy direction imposed below Patent Act in which the invention is against the nation’s interests.

Step 5 – Examining the patent utility

Before your patent is granted, it desires to be examined substantively. As in step with guidelines of the patent registration application manner in India, your patent is thoroughly tested primarily based at the merits of your invention as claimed and described inside the patent specification form. Unlike the booklet process, this is not an automatic system and the applicant wishes to make a request to examine their patent software by submitting Form 18. The patent office queues the software for examination simplest after a formal request for examination is made. You also can expedite this technique by using filling and filing Form 18 (A).

Step 6 – Decision to grant patent

Once the examiner unearths no objections in the patent application, he presents the patent. The patent is then published in the respectable patent gazette.

Step 7 – Renewing the Patent

The patent holder additionally needs to renew his patent registration through paying an annual renewal fee. In India, it’s miles possible to resume your patent for a length of twenty years at maximum, from the date the patent was first filed.

Although the patent filing manner is long and complex, one must recall its importance within the lengthy run. The entire manner can take anywhere between 3-five years. However, Indian Patent Office is hiring new examiners and also upgrading its places of work to be able do away with patent applications in timely fashion. The system is created with the aim of ensuring that the inventor gets credit score for his invention. It also guarantees that no other character can declare rights over the invention. The prison rights you earn with your patent can save you competition from using your invention for monetary benefits. You can also sue such individuals and declare compensation for using your invention without your approval.

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