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Patents are the rights that are restricted to the person, group, or area concerned. These rights are granted by government to the applicant for his unseen inventions of any of the industrial products or processes provided that they are new, non-obvious, useful and patentable under patentability criteria laid down in the national law. Information relating Indian patents can be obtained from the official website of Indian Patent Office like the information of the granted patents and the patent applications. Nowadays it is very important to keep yourself updated about what technology the corporate are following in the field of prior art of the subject. Prior art search is very important to check patentability of inventions and making business decisions such as freedom-to-operate, oppositions, invalidation, and legal status of the patent or patent application etc. as well. Official information about Indian patents can be obtained from ‘Registrar of the patent office and the ‘Official Gazette’. Every information regarding patents is nowadays available on internet.

Publications in the Official Gazette


Every week Indian Patent Office publishes an Official Gazette containing the information regarding patents such as

  • Application for the restoration of lapsed patent.
  • Publication of name of the person whose name has been removed in the register of patent agents.
  • Publication of name of the person whose name has been restored in the register of patent agents.
  • Publication of names of the person registered as patent agents.
  • Notification of surrender of patents
  • Revocation of patent under Section 66 when the mode in which patent is exercised is mischievous.
  • Any alteration in the register of patent agents shall be published.
  • Publication of information furnished by virtue of section 146 of Rule 131.
  • Removal of the name of person from the register of patent agents.

Information available on website of Indian Patent Office

At the Indian Patent Office website all the information of granted patents abstract of patent applications is available along with the information about the decisions of the Controller.

Patent regarding information

Anyone can make a request to the controller for any information regarding the patents. The following information can be sought from the controller.

  • When a complete specification can be filed following a provisional specification?
  • When an entry will be made in register?
  • When a patent application has been deemed to have been abandoned?
  • When a patent application will be refused?
  • When a patent application is published?
  • When a request for examination can be made?
  • When an examination report will be issued?
  • When a patent application can be withdrawn?
  • When a patent will be granted?
  • When a removal fee is to be paid?
  • When a patent term will expire?
  • When any action will be taken involving an entry in the register, publication in Official Gazette or otherwise?

Inspection of patent register

Certified copy of an entry can be obtained from the patent register by paying fees of Rs. 4,000. During the office timing the register can be checked, it is available for public after paying the required fees. Nowadays in some Patent Offices the date of patent register is stored in computers or in some other from. In that case the controller can provide access to the stored data.

Duplicate certificate of patent

If someone has lost his certificate of patent or it is destroyed accidently then controller can issue a duplicate certificate only if controller has been convinced that originally certificate cannot be reproduced. To obtain a duplicate certificate the person has to submit an application written in proper format along with a fee of Rs. 4000.

Patent register

Every patent office has register for the entry of patents which have information regarding the topics given below.

  • Name, address and nationality of the patentee and any alterations thereof;
  • Title of the invention;
  • Date of patent;
  • Date of grant of patent;
  • Address of service of the patentee;
  • Particulars regarding proceeding under the Act before the controller or the courts;
  • Notification of assignment;
  • Notification of transmission of patents;
  • Notification of licenses;
  • Amendments, extensions and revocation of patents;
  • Cessation of patents, restoration of lapsed patents; payment of renewal fees, term of patents, surrender of patents, compulsory licenses etc.;
  • Request made under sub-rule (1) of the rule 94 regarding alteration in name, address and nationality;
  • Any other details as the controller may deem fit;
  • If required then certified copies of the entries in respect of a patent in the patent register can be used as an evidence.

Subject to the provisions of Section 117D, an application for the rectification of register shall be made to the Appellate Board.

Reports Prepared by examiners for the patent applications are not available to public

A report of examiner can be accessed only after the court decides that reports are required for justice. Otherwise reports cannot be accessed by anyone. According to Section 144 reports of examiners to the Controller shall not be revealed or open to public inspection or be published by the controller and these reports are not for production or inspection in any legal proceeding unless the court certifies that the production or inspection is desirable in the interests of justice, and ought to be allowed.

Patent Search Databases

Before filing for a patent application a patent search is required which helps to determine the patentability of an invention, highlights the similarity of the invention with the prior arts, allows the inventor to make some changes in the invention and make it patentable. Patents can be searched on internet by using different patent search databases. Both free patent searches as well paid databases searches are available. Some paid and free patent search databases in India are given below:

  • Indian Patent Advanced Search System –InPASS
  • Indian Patent Database-MCPalRS
  • Google Patent Search
  • IP Cell
  • Patent facilitating center

For the mining of the patent data the patent search has become an effective tool, which helps in descriptive analytics. For an in depth patent search, a thorough knowledge of the different patent databases and their classification is required. To reveal a good search result one must know the various search procedures, databases, limitation and technical tools and softwares.

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