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Indian Patent Search System

The Indian Patent Advanced Search System, InPASS, was introduced on 27.02.2015 by the Indian Patent Office. Prior to InPASS, IPAIRS [Indian Patent Information Retrieval System] turned into used to behavior patent search in India. InPASS is an up to date model of IPAIRS as it permits for a full-textual content search of all Indian patents and Patent Applications. Apart from this InPASS also lets in someone to behavior a patent seek the use of Wild Cards and Boolean Operators. Now, InPASS is the Indian patent office database used to conduct a complicated patent search in India.

Conducting a patent search is indispensable earlier than filing a patent utility. In this weblog post, we provide a simple define on a way to use the Indian patent (advanced) search system to conduct patent searches, check the check in information of patents granted, and also test the patent application status.

At the outset, it is essential to provide an explanation for the layout of InPASS. In the InPASS, four menu tabs are provided particularly Patent Search, Patent E-sign up, Application Status and Help.

Patent Search in India

In the ‘Patent Search‘ tab, there are two test boxes provided those let you search for either Granted patents or Published programs or both.

Keyword Search:

First, you will have to accumulate the key phrases relevant in your invention or patent. The key-word search can best be used within the search parameters – title, abstract, claims, and description. The patent search may be performed the usage of the keywords alongside with ‘Boolean Operators’ and/or ‘Wild Cards’. The seek effects will show in columns. In the left column, the application number/patent variety, identify, utility date and status will show. Based on the choice of a row inside the left column, details [Bibliographic Data, Specification, and Status] of the patent application/granted patent will show within the right column. Further, you could view the information of Bibliographic data, patent specification, and application/patent status inside the respective tab. However, there’s a hassle to show the range of seek facts up to a thousand and 25 statistics per page.

Applicant Name Search:

The Indian patent search database permits you to search for patent programs/patents by getting into the name of the applicant towards the relevant row. All you need to do is input the Applicant’s name and press search. The end result will display the identify of all inventions posted or granted in the name which you entered.

Inventor Name Search:

Similar to the applicant name search, you could also search the inventor name in the applicable row and the result show.

In addition to the above searches, you could perform numerous search queries to retrieve the consequences based on your requirements. You can also examine the ‘Help’ furnished on the tab to learn extra about the way to use Boolean operators and Wild cards. If you are acquainted with USPTO patent search or WIPO patent seek, you could easily behavior the patent search in India.

Patent E-register

The Indian patent search database permits you to the check the legal popularity of the granted patent. In the ‘Patent E-register’ tab, input the patent quantity along the displayed code and click on to Show E-register. The end result will display the legal fame of the patent registration in India, date subsequent renewal date, and Bibliographic data of patent.

Application Status

Similar to patent grant search, the Indian patent search database permits you to check the repute of the patent application for Patent registration in India. In the ‘Application Status’ tab, input the application number in conjunction with the displayed code and click on ‘Show Application Status’. The result will display the info of utility consisting of utility wide variety, applicant variety, date of filing, priority date, name of the invention, ebook date and also application popularity. Besides, you’ll be capable of view all the files applicable to the patent application within the ‘View Documents’ tab supplied at the bottom page of result.

 Importance of Patent Search


The number of patent applications being filed is increasing every year. For instance, in 2014-2015, around 42,723 patent programs were filed in India. Whereas, in 2004-2005, 17,446 programs were filed. This manner that there has been a leap of 250% inside the beyond ten years. Does this imply that nearly every patent filed is being granted?

Not really. One must recognize that now not all patent packages that are filed result in patent registration. The number one motives for rejection of an utility are either-

(a) The invention is not novel; or

(b) It is obvious i.e. It does now not involve an resourceful step.

This is where the importance of a patent search for patent registration in India. Conducting a patent search helps an Applicant understand if his invention is patentable or now not.

What is a Patent Search?

A patent search or a patentability search is a search carried out in patent databases as properly as within the literature to be had to test whether any invention just like your invention already exists. In different words, it evaluates your chances of having a patent grant. Therefore, in preference to going forth with the submitting, if one conducts the patent search, you possibly can get a clear concept approximately the patentability of the invention; whether the utility need to be filed and the strengths and weakness of the invention.

Why Conduct a Patent Search?

Filing a patent is a pricey process. The official charges (statutory fee) for a simple patent filing can be everywhere from INR.5,600 – INR.28,000. Besides the official costs, the expenses of the patent lawyer or agent also need to be considered. Imagine spending cash on seeking to get a patent, handiest to discover that your invention was in no way patentable! A patent search avoids this situation.

Besides economic motives, there are numerous other compelling motives for accomplishing a search before submitting a patent application in India or globally.


1. A patentability assessment can help you apprehend whether your invention is patentable and if so, how some distance can or not it’s protected. For example, pc programs, per se, are non-patentable but computer programs which might be manifested in a useful way may be patented.

2. A patent search famous the previous artwork in your field of invention. This will are available in handy whilst drafting the patent specification. The knowledge of prior art will help you determine if your invention has any fee addition over the earlier arts. This will lessen the chances of rejection with the aid of the Patent Office.

3. If your invention has no price addition then knowledge the previous artwork will assist you refine your invention so one can make it patentable.

4. The patent search also can reveal certain agencies who are eager on obtaining patents within the subject of technology regarding your invention. In such cases, it offers you the lead on which groups to contact for licensing of your invention.

5. Ordinarily, every Applicant wishes his patent to turn out to be commercial and consequently a supply of finances. A patent search not simplest exhibits inventions similar to your invention but also the industrial price of the invention in the economy. Based on this you could decide the business price of your invention.

6. Another vital reason for engaging in a patent search is that even as making use of for a patent registration in India, the applicant needs to describe his whole invention. Even if his patent gets rejected, his application might be taken into consideration previous art, open for all to see. This approach that competitors can get free get admission to to his tough work. A patent search helps keep away from one of these situation. Even if your invention is not patentable in keeping with law, you can use it as a trade mystery and gain revenue.


Despite the fact that loose patent databases allow each person to behavior a patent search, it is essential that someone professional in conducting searches receive the task. The reason being, patent searches entails tedious, repeated searching through various patent and non-patent literature. An unskilled character might now not be able to do justice to the sizable amount of literature to be searched. Furthermore, a skilled individual understands the significance of the claims of a patent. The claims of a patent are of utmost importance while a comparable patent in your invention exists; in the sort of case, one needs to research the patent claims to decide the degree of similarity among the two.

Furthermore, a professional person would be able to construct on the power of your patent registration or on refining your patent in order that it does not infringe other present art. A non-skilled character may not apprehend those concepts.

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