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Patent registration in Chennai

Patent is one of the intellectual property rights.It is the statuary right given to any of the inventors, by the Government. It gives all freedom to the inventor to sell, use and import the product. If anybody uses that patented product without the consent of the inventor he is likely to be sued. The main purpose of patent law is to encourage the inventions and to increase the monetary benefits of the inventor. Any person who is the first inventor of the invention can apply for the patent. Patent registration in Coimbatore is the most happening updates in patent. It is giving all the rights to the third person, to make, sell the patented invention without the consent of the owner.


Modern Day patent

Patent registration in Bangalore says that the virtual reality generator has obtained the patent. The virtual reality generator recently was popular in China, when a mother looked back the dead daughter.She could see the daughter, hear her voice and saw her running around. It lasted only for few minutes;it is actually just ‘virtual reality’ no. That mom was very emotional when she heard the voice. When the daughter said Good bye, the whole scene came to an end and she took if off theVR headset. She came to the real world. Everybody thanked the VR device, in this modern era, it helped to look back the dead ones alive at least for some time, of course in fantasy world. That first VR headset was proposed was not used to play games. It was invented to analyse the financial data.

Patent registration in Chennai says that human genes cannot be patented. Yes because it is the product of the nature. But synthetic human genomes can be created. The controversy of patenting the human gene arose in the year 2010. But since it is the product of nature it could not be granted the patent. The microorganisms that are prevailing in the nature cannot be given patent but if it is modified by a man, then based upon its unique feature it can be patented. So such discourse was given during the Myriad controversy.

Patent Royalty agreement

Patent registration in Hyderabad says that patent royalty agreement, gives permission to the licensee to use the licensor’s patented product. The terms are mentioned in the patent royalty agreement. The agreement says what is being licensed. Also it says what is the remuneration to be paid in exchange and it is expressed as percentage of sales. The Patent royalty agreement contains the following. The name of the licensor and licensee, description of the activities, what is licensed, the geographical scope of the license, date and duration of the patent agreement, details of the license, restrictions of the license, extent and duration of the license and the remuneration as said above. Patent registration in Chennai says that right from the first step; fruitful benefits are given to the inventor. Only if the patent is given for his invention then he can sue the other one who comes with similar invention. This increases getting good reputation.


Before going for the process one should have basic questions. What is the cost of filing patent registration in India? , What are all the procedures and steps involved in filing for the patent? , what is the law concerned with it? , what is an invention? , What cannot be patented and what can be patented in India?. These are the basic questions one should have. Patent registration in Chennai educates a person and explains the following steps to get patent. Firstly you have to disclose the invention to the professional. Then patentability search should be done. After detailed research, whether this invention is available in the history or not, you can go for patent filing. Patent drafting is an important aspect and it must be done by a professional. It is then requested for the examination. And if there raised any objections it should be responded. Finally the patent is granted. The patent should be followed for the renewal process. The patent is valid for 20 years.


Patent registration in Chennai says that infringement which is an illegal habit can be avoided. In case of product patent, rights of patentee are infringed by anyone who makes supplies commercially. In case of process patent, the use of such thing by anyone amounts the infringement. The following things amount to the infringement. They arecopying the essential features of the patented invention, variation of non- essential features of the invention, infringing only the part and colourable imitation of the invention. The patent may be denied if it is illegally grown. Recently in Maharashtra, Herbicide-tolerant cotton which was illegally grown in Vidarba region was denied the patent.

Recent updates of Patent

Patent registration in Kochi speaks about patent of addition.  It is the application made for a patent with respect to any improvement for the invention and the modification of the invention which is already applied for the patent.Upon grant of patent, within one year one may apply for post grant opposition. In form 7 you may file and it is valid under Section 25[2]. Recently DRDO(Defence Research Development Organisation) has put 450 patents and above to free access to industries for commercial exploitation. People say it is a bold move. Of course due to COVID – 19 pandemic spread, in this lockdown period, all hearing in thisPatent Office through video conferencing was scheduled between 23 March and 14 April 2020. Patent registration in Chennai says that the Indian Patent Office (IPO) was likely to announce further notification due to lockdown. WIPO which is known as World Intellectual Property Organisation has announced that the file applications filed through, WIPO global IP services are not affected due to Corona outbreak. When you get patent in India you will have the following benefits. It grants you the exclusivity. After getting patent in India,ROI can be generated. ROI is Return of Investment. It ensures good market status. Patent registration in Chennai gives you the knowledge about patent, its process and the legalities associated with it.

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