Register of Patents for Patent Registration in India

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Register of Patents

Register of patents and details to be entered therein.-

There will be kept at the patent office a sign in of patent registrations, in which will be entered-

• the names and addresses of assignee of patents;

• notifications of assignment of patents, extension of patents, and revocations of patents; and

• a particulars of such other matters affecting the validity or ownership of patent registration in India as can be prescribed.

No notice of any trust, whether or not express, implied or constructive, shall be entered inside the sign in, and the Controller shall now not be affected by using the sort of notice.

Subject to the superintendence and guidelines of the Central Government, the check in will be kept beneath the manage and management of the Controller.

Notwithstanding something contained in sub-phase (1), it will be lawful for the Controller to keep the sign up of patents or any component thereof in computer floppies, diskettes or every other electronic form difficulty to such safeguards as can be prescribed.


Notwithstanding something contained inside the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 (1 of 1872 a duplicate of, or extracts from, the sign in of patent registration in Coimbatore, certified to be a true copy underneath the work of the Controller or any officer duly recognized by the Controller in this behalf shall in all legal proceedings, be admissible in evidence.

In the event the register is saved entirely or partially in laptop floppies, diskettes or another electronic form-

a) Reference in this Act to an entry within the check in shall be deemed to consist of

b) reference to a record of details kept in pc floppies, diskettes or another electronic shape and comprising the check in or a part of the references in this Act to details being registered or entered within the sign in will be deemed to include references to the maintaining of file of those particulars comprising the register or part of the sign up in computer floppies, diskettes or any other electronic shape; and

c) References in this Act to the rectification of the sign up are to be examine as consisting of references to the rectification of the patent registration report of details kept in laptop floppies, diskettes or some other electronic form and comprising the sign up or part of the sign up.

Assignments of patents, etc., no longer to be valid unless in writing and duly executed,

An project of a patent registration in Coimbatore or of a share in a patent, a mortgage, license or the creation of every other hobby in a patent shall no longer be valid unless the same have been in writing and the settlement between the events concerned is reduced to the shape of a record embodying all of the terms and situations governing their rights and obligations and duly executed.

Registration of assignments, transmissions, etc.-

1) Where any person will become entitled by assignment, transmission or operation of law to a patent or to a proportion in a patent registration in Chennai or will become entitled as a mortgagee, licensee or otherwise to some other interest in a patent, he shall practice in writing in the prescribed way to the Controller for the registration of his title or, as the case may be, of be aware of his interest in the sign in.

2) Without prejudice to the provisions of sub-phase (1), an application for the registration of the name of any man or woman turning into entitled with the aid of venture to a patent or a proportion in a patent registration in Coimbatore or turning into entitled with the aid of distinctive feature of a mortgage, license or different tool to another hobby in a patent can be made in the prescribed manner via the assignor, mortgagor, licensor or other birthday party to that tool, because the case may be.

3) Where an software is made underneath this segment for the registration of the title of any character the Controller shall, upon proof to name of his satisfaction,-

(a) where that man or woman is entitled to a patent registration in Coimbatore or a percentage in a patent, register him in the register as proprietor or co-proprietor of the patent, and enter in the sign in details of the device or even by way of which he derives identify; or

(b) where that individual is entitled to any other interest inside the patent, enter inside the sign up observe of his hobby, with details of the tool, if any, creating it:

Provided that if there may be any dispute among the parties whether the mission, mortgage, license, transmission, operation of regulation or another such transaction has validly vested in such character a identify to the patent registration or any percentage or interest therein, the Controller may additionally refuse to take any action beneath clause (a) of, because the case can be, under clause (b), until the rights of the parties have been decided by means of a competent court docket.

4) There will be supplied to the Controller within the prescribed way for being filed inside the patent workplace copies of all agreements, licenses and different files affecting the identify to any patent or any license there under authenticated within the prescribed way and additionally such other files as may be prescribed relevant to the subject matter:

Provided that within the case of a license granted below a patent registration in India, the Controller shall, if so requested by means of the patented or licensee, take steps for securing that the terms of the license are not disclosed to any man or woman besides beneath the order of a court.

5) Except for the purposes of an software underneath sub-section (1) or of an application to rectify the register, a file in respect of which no access has been made within the check in under sub-phase (3) shall no longer be admitted by means of the Controller or via any court as proof of the title of any person to a patent registration or to a percentage or hobby therein until the Controller or the court, for motives to be recorded in writing, in any other case directs.

Power of registered grantee or proprietor to copy with patent

Subject to the provisions contained in this Act regarding co-possession of patents and subject also to any rights vested in any other character of which note is entered in the sign in, the individual or individuals registered as grantee or owner of a patent shall have power to assign, provide licenses below, or otherwise cope with, the patent registration in India and to provide successful receipts for any consideration for one of these assignment, license or dealing:

Provided that any equities in appreciate of the patent may be enforced in like manner as in admire of some other movable property.

Rectification of register via Appellate Board


(1) The Appellate Board may, on the patent rectification application of any man or woman aggrieved-

(a) by way of the absence or omission from the sign up of any entry; or

(b) by using any entry made in the sign up without enough cause; or

(c) by using any entry wrongly remaining at the register; or

(d) via any errors or defect in any access in the check in, make such order for the making, variation or deletion, of any entry therein as it may be think fit.

(2) In any proceeding under this phase the Appellate Board may decide any query that may be important or expedient to decide in reference to the rectification of the check in.

(3) Notice of any application to the Appellate Board beneath this section will be given inside the prescribed way to the Controller who shall be entitled to appear and be heard on the patent rectification application, and shall seem in that case directed through the Board.

(4) Any order of the Appellate Board under this segment rectifying the register shall direct that notice of the rectification shall be served upon the Controller within the prescribed manner who shall upon receipt of such observe rectify the register accordingly.

Register to be open for inspection

(1) Subject to the provisions contained on this Act and any regulations made there beneath, the sign in shall at all convenient times be open to inspection by means of the public; and authorized copies, sealed with the seal of the patent office, of any entry in the check in shall be given to any individual requiring them on payment of the prescribed fee.

(2) The sign up will be prima facie proof of any matters required or authorized through or under this Act to be entered therein.

(3) If the file of details is saved in laptop floppies or diskettes or in any other electronic form, sub-sections (1) and (2) will be deemed to had been complied with if the public is given get entry to to such computer floppies, diskettes or every other electronic shape or printouts of such file of details for inspection.

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