Divisional Patent Application of Patent Registration in Coimbatore

Divisional Patent Application As per the name indicates Divisional Patent Applications are those applications that have been derived from another patent application. Provisions which deal with the Divisional Patent Application are specified under Section 16 of Indian Patent Act, 1970. Section 16(1) An applicant may, at any time before the grant of a patent registration, if he so desires, or […]

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Everyone needs to know about the patents law and the registration process

Everyone needs to know about the patents law: Patents often consider as more mysterious one when compared with copyrights and trademarks. You can see that when you read a book you can find a copyright notices attached to it, and also you can encounter a trademark protected consumer products on every day. Even you have your own brand being a […]

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Significant things you must know about Patent registration

Things you should know about patents: Inspiration hits an inventor or entrepreneur, the race is to patent the idea with uniqueness, put together a prototype, start the manufacturing and get it out to the market before somebody else does. The first thing of the aforementioned process of getting to a market, obtain a patent is a subject matter which generates […]

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