Preliminary Procedures for Patent Registration in India

Short title and commencement (1) These rules could also be called the Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2016. 2) They shall inherit force on the date of their publication within the Official Gazette. Definitions In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires,- (a) “Act” means the Indian Patent Act, 1970 (39 of 1970); (b) “Appropriate office” means the acceptable office of the […]

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Patent Documentation – Patent Registration in Coimbatore

Patent Documentation – Introduction For filing a patent application in India, a number of documents are required to be submitted within the time prescribed along with the application for a patent Registration in Form 1 and specification in Form 2. Following are the documents required to be submitted; Declaration as to Inventor-ship Statement and Undertaking The Authorization of a Patent […]

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Divisional Patent Application of Patent Registration in Coimbatore

Divisional Patent Application As per the name indicates Divisional Patent Applications are those applications that have been derived from another patent application. Provisions which deal with the Divisional Patent Application are specified under Section 16 of Indian Patent Act, 1970. Section 16(1) An applicant may, at any time before the grant of a patent registration, if he so desires, or […]

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